Marketing Solutions for Advanced Technology Businesses

Marketing Solutions for Advanced Technology Businesses

Global perspectives and strategic options for companies operating in demanding technology markets

Based on long term experience in all areas of business-to-business-marketing I offer full-scope integrated marketing solutions specifically addressing the challenges and dynamics of advanced technology markets. 

  • To help companies gain and maintain leading positions in attractive markets
  • To successfully expand their presence in global technology markets and regions worldwide
  • To turn advanced technologies, expertise and resources into a balanced portfolio of superior, successful product solutions to win strategically and commercially attractive accounts and provide for maximum client value
  • By addressing clients’ specific technical and commercial demands on a global base with regional specifics
  • To address target markets, clients and communicators with consistent, controlled, effective communication for maximum visibility, information and direct interaction, a clear company profile, a positive image and strong brand recognition

Scope of Services and Value Proposition

For a strong market position - market analysis, positioning and strategic options

Market entry strategies and strategic business planning for executive-level decision-making. To establish, maintain and expand a defined leading market position in businesses, markets and regions. With a watchful eye on game-changing market trends and new industry concepts.

Successful Products - portfolio management and product marketing

For a balanced portfolio and successful, competitively well positioned products and services. Based on voice-of-the-customer feedback, competitive analysis, industry roadmaps, company skills and resources as well as technology and product life-cycles. Innovation and technology marketing, product market introduction, sales and communications to launch, lead and enhance product market performance in defined target markets and applications.

A direct link to target markets - marketing communications and public relations

For a clear company profile and high market visibility, clear messages, strong brands and a controlled image. For data mining, customer feedback and client information. Planning, concept, strategy, messaging and execution of all communications and public relations projects. From Corporate Design, to company tagline, from brand management to product marketing material, from web to brochure, from trade show presence to customer workshops. Coordinated with your preferred agency of choice or my network of service partners.

Global market presence - global sales and regional markets

Sales concept and strategies for global reach and presence and regional market performance. Selling the value - key success factor technical sales: making sales successful to bring product value and company competence to the global client base.

Marketing implementation and coaching

Training on-the-job and company case studies for engineers in technical sales, product marketing or service functions with direct client contact. Implementing or expanding internal marketing competence as a success factor.

Addressing and Serving

  • German companies with international or global businesses and the need to contract external marketing expertise for a defined project, for frequent or regular marketing consultancy and support or for critical milestone execution
  • Small to medium size German companies and start-ups with plans to expand their businesses in defined regions or worldwide and demand for full-scope marketing consultancy, project execution or hands-on interim management. Full-scope Marketing solutions from target market analysis to market entry strategies, sales concepts and product introduction to marketing communications.
  • Foreign companies with German subsidiaries and plans to expand their presence in German and European markets

Commitment and Expertise

  • Long-term experience in all areas of global business-to-business technology marketing gained in leading corporate marketing positions and from providing marketing consulting and services to market leading companies in high-end technology markets
  • Dedication to support clients’ challenging business plans with consistent business-to-business marketing solutions comprising analysis, concept and solution in strategic planning, business development, product marketing, global sales and marketing communications
  • Passion for my clients’ markets, technologies and processes and mission to provide substantial, valuable solutions which are both, hands-on and visionary
  • Commitment to strong personal engagement, loyalty, confidentiality and close cooperation with my clients’ corporate management, internal experts from product marketing, R+D, sales and service as well as with external service partners

Markets, Technologies and Applications

  • Process Machinery
  • Systems Engineering and customized or custom-designed OEM solutions
  • Process and Tool Automation
  • Electronics Devices
  • Semiconductor Device Manufacturing
  • SemiconductorLithography
  • Cleanroom Technologies, Facility Design and Built
  • Measurement / Test /Inspection
  • Optical Fiber
  • Optical Cable
  • Optical Materials
  • Laser and Sensor Technologies
  • Medical
  • Automotive Industry